Single Woman

Barbara Reynolds

Barbara, age 66, was widowed five years ago when her husband Bob died unexpectedly. Even though Barbara had worked part-time outside the home after her children left home, Bob had handled all the financial matters for the family. Barbara’s CPA referred her to Trust Company of the South about six months after Bob died.

Barbara had a significant nest egg when she came to Trust Company. Bob had a $1.5 million life insurance policy, their home was nearly paid for, and Bob’s investments and 401(k) totaled nearly $3 million. Barbara’s biggest concerns were making a mistake with the financial wealth that suddenly became her responsibility and sustaining a financial legacy for her adult children, Steve (age 38), Alison (age 36), and her grandchildren, all of whom lived in Connecticut.

The team at Trust Company partnered with Barbara to accomplish the following:

Barbara values the objective advice she’s received from Trust Company. She takes great comfort in knowing that her advisor has met her adult children, and has been a resource for them when they have questions from time to time. Barbara has evolved over the last five years, learning more about finances and feeling more secure about her future. She has renewed old friendships and discovered new passions (such as painting and serving as a docent at the Museum of Art), which is what Bob would have wanted for her.

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