Corporate Executive

The Keanes

When Mike and Cindy Keane first became clients of Trust Company ten years ago, Mike was a senior executive for a large financial institution and Cindy was a homemaker.  They have two adult children, Jeff (age 32) and Beth (age 30).  Mike’s initial goal was to retire in five years and help his daughter in the purchase of a business, with himself as majority owner. The Keanes wanted a team of advisors who could assist with Mike’s transition from an employee of a large institution to an advisor/owner of a smaller company. Mike also wanted to leverage his business expertise by serving as a consultant and board member for other business entities.

When Mike transitioned to early retirement he’d accumulated $1.5 million in his 401(k), $3.5 million in various  taxable assets, $1.5 million in deferred compensation, $600,000 of cash value in various life insurance policies,  and $1.5 million  in stock options and restricted stock.

Over the past decade Trust Company has helped the Keanes in the following ways:

Over the past decade, the Keanes have valued their relationship with Trust Company for a number of reasons.  Their children are comforted and confident that they have an advisor who can be a resource to them.  Mike is confident that he has a plan to provide for his family in the event he is no longer able to do so, and Cindy is comforted by the fact that she has someone to trust and handle her family’s affairs if her husband is no longer present.

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